Couples Therapy

Therapy for couples that are experiencing problems with their relationship. 

Attending Couples Therapy Alone or With Your Partner

Individual Couples Therapy

You might feel more comfortable discussing these matters one on on, you and the Psychologist. This is totally normal.  Feel free to set up an appointment to discuss this with Lobone. 

With Your Partner

In some cases it might be more appropriate for the two of you to speak with the Psychologist at the same time. This can help to resolve issues faster than one on one meetings.

Reasons for Couples Therapy

Communication Issues

Sexual Therapy

Partner Infidelity

Non Traditional Relationship

Premarital Counseling

Trust Problems

About Couples Therapy

The two of you will interact with the psychologist to get to grips with the issues at hand. Under the guiding hand of the psychologist it may be possible to work your way through the problems.

Take action now before things become so bad that a breakup is inevitable.  The years that you have already spent on your relationship need not be wasted.


At the very least, perhaps you might retain a strong friendship.  At best you could reconcile and life becomes great again.

How Do I Get Started?

Book Appointment

Simply call me on (081) 884-2676 to book you appointment. Or use the form below. When you make your booking, please indicate in the Notes your choice of venue - Craighall Park or Robertsham. Please remember that Monday, Wednesday, Friday afternoon and Saturday are dedicated to Robertsham whereas Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday morning are for Craighall.

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